The Fit Busy Bee ~ Wrap It Up

Hi all, this is will be a short wrap up on my blogging experience within this semester of my Fundamentals of online and digital media class. Throughout this experience I’ve tried to use many different tools to help intrigue my audience. I felt that by the use of pictures, videos, and links, that my audience was better able to follow what I was saying and I believe that these tools worked best especially when explaining things revolving around fitness and exercises. I think that the tool of just writing in general however, can sometimes become a little redundant and began to bore my audience so I tried to keep things short as much as possible in order to avoid that.

I think if I could improve anything in this blog that I would defiantly try to improve the quality of my advice or fitness tutorials. I think it would also be helpful if I added videos of me or someone actually doing the exercises I describe in my blog in real life so my audience would be better able to understand what I am talking about or trying to describe. I think this experience will for sure benefit me in the future because within the public relations field, there is a lot of writing involved. So this was defiantly great practice for me in writing an getting better at putting my ideas into words.

She Said blog

Image from Writer Girl

All these tools and experience in using a WordPress blog will be able to help me in my future public relations job. Everything I learned when writing this blog will also help me if I ever feel like possibly starting my own website or creating a blog I want people to really pay attention to or follow. The tools like learning how to work with IMovie and adding media to my blog, are things I never knew how to do, so I’m really excited to use all these things in the future! It was a lot of fun writing this blog and I will continue to do so even after class finishes.  And be sure to keep following your dreams and checking out other fitness blogs like one of my favorites, by Carlyrowena.

Thanks for Reading The Fit Busy Bee ~ YOU ALL ROCK!


Fitness and Health Interview

Hello all my little fit bee’s!

Welcome back! This week, I have something I thought was pretty cool to have for all of you. You guessed it! A fitness and health interview starring Kirstyn Williams, my former roommate and health and fitness guru! I made this interview in hope that this will give all of you more insight into the fitness world instead of me just going on and on about it during my blog posts all the time. So here is the interview, I hope you all enjoy!

During the video, Kirstyn discusses many things that she encounters during her health and fitness journey. The important thing to me that I think everyone should take from this video is that everyone has a different way of approaching the way they start there progress toward their goal. Some people may love to go to the gym, like Kirstyn, while others like myself, love to just go for a light jog thought the park. There are many ways to go about achieving you ultimate goal, and it doesn’t matter in which way you intend to do it.


Photo from choice health & fitness

Though many people have different ways of getting healthy or working out, everyone is trying to achieve the same thing. So with that being said, don’t get discouraged if you can’t always do the same workout or routine that everyone else is doing. The important thing to remember throughout your trip to health is that you are doing it for you and are one step closer everyday that you try to improve in reaching your goal!

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Kirtsyn Williams, check out more interviews at!

Fitties n’ Kitties – The Blog for Every Health Freak and Cat Lover

Hi again,

So this week, I want to shine some light on a fellow blogger of mine who also writes a blog about health and fitness, like myself. The writer of the blog, Kris, writes a blog that is filled with numerous health and fitness tips, tricks, and advice while still adding a few cute little cat pictures in there every once in a while. I mean really, who doesn’t love cats and cardio? This blog would be great for all of you who are at least a little interested in my blog, to look at and read as well and I will tell you why.

Throughout the blog named Fitties n’ Kitties, Kris takes a deeper look into the inside of what is health and fitness. She explores not only the life of fitness and exercises to reach your goals but also the other side which health and the importance of a good balanced diet. In one of her post she explains that she has interviewed her roommate who is also a gym junkie with great advice on workouts. Kris gives you a step by step lesson on how to kill your cardio and leave you feeling accomplished as well as tired like these cute little kittens.


Photo from

Fitties n’ Kitties also explores the other side of fitness which is health. The blog discusses hot topics like a what the deal is with gluten free dieting or the real importance of incorporating antioxidants within your diet. I have really enjoyed reading the blog and I think all of you will really enjoy it too. Fitties n’ Kitties is so unique because what other blog do you know of that posts helpful fitness information while also leaving you with a smile with an adorable kitten at the end of every post. So with that said, I encourage everyone reading this to check out Fitties n’ Kitties right meow… get it? Click here to check out Fittes n’ Kittes and gather all new insight to help you along your fitness journey.  I promise you won’t regret it!

Stay golden ladies and have a healthy week.

~ The Fit Busy Bee

Improve Your Fitness Progress – One Easy Step

I’m back again and with exciting news!

So recently during my fitness journey, I’ve been looking for ways to help keep track of what exactly I’m doing during my workouts and the actual progress I’m making during them. So I’ve been on the hunt for something to full fill these needs as well as finding something you may all like or be interested in as well. So during my research I came across these things called fitness trackers. Shown below is one of the fitness trackers that really stuck my attention called a “Fitbit Charge.”

fitbitPhoto From

Basically, the Fitbit Charge is designed like any fitness tracker. With the Fitbit Charge you can track steps taken, distance traveled, floors climbed, calories burned, and how long and how well you sleep. In addition to tracking your stats, Charge also features a clock and silent alarm that can wake you up by gentle vibrations at any time specified and can set up to and hold 8 different alarm settings. On a full charge the battery of the Fitbit Charge will last 5 to 7 days. When it’s time to recharge, your Fitbit will show a low battery, and you can also choose to be notified via mobile device or email. Pretty nifty little bracelet if you ask me.

Along with all the cool functions the Fitbit has, it also is very stylish and comes in a few different colors- Black, Slate, Blue and Burgundy. You can wear your Fitbit 24 hours a day and record and sync as much data to your mobile device or link it to your social media accounts as well. To me the Fitbit Charge seems like a all in one, no brainer. If your looking for something to enhance your fitness progress and view the actual stats of your day, like I am, the Fitbit charge could be for you! To learn more about the Fitbit Charge your can visit the Fibit charge website FAQ page to learn more about everything this little bracelet can do.


Photo from Lily Loves to Run

You can also check out this fun and cool article from the blogger lily loves to run about why she loves her Fit Bit Charge so much! Just click here!

Stay Healthy ladies!

~ The Fit Busy Bee


What’s in your pantry?

Hello ladies!

So this week, I’d like to shine a little light on myself. Now when I made this fitness blog, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to be a perfect example for all of you. I’ve defiantly had my fair share of up’s and downs in my fitness journey, like I’m sure you all have had too. Believe me when I say it hasn’t been easy because I’m defiantly sitting at my computer writing this post with a iced Carmel macchiato in hand. Anyways, my point to this post is to admit that I myself have realized that I’ve hit a huge bump in the road in my fitness progress, this is because I’ve lost focus of what I’m putting into my body. So I’d like to attribute this post to showing you all, the horrifying discovery of foods I found in my pantry this past weekend.

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I know you must all be in shock, but this is truly items I pulled out of my pantry. Now before you are so quick to judge, I’d like to ask you a very important question, what’s in your pantry? Be honest now, we all have those days where our bodies are craving that little extra sugar or maybe just a gulp of caffeine. It happens and it’s totally understandable, however it’s only pushing our fitness dreams further into the distance.


Photo From Mamalette

So, I challenge you to go through your pantry’s and really think about the things your pulling of it like I did. Really put some thought in whether or not you should be storing that ice cream, ramen or Oreos in the back of your frig or pantry for that rainy day. If you have the will, you will chunk this stuff to the side like I made the choice to do and keep your eye on the ball. In the long run it will all pay off then you will be able to afford devouring some double stuff Oreos if you wish too. I hope this motivational post helped some of you. YOU CAN DO IT! In the mean time, Check out Junk Food Guy and his cool reviews and tips on all things Junk food related.

So, what’s in your pantry?

stay fit, stay humble.

~ The Fit Busy Bee

The Fitness App We’ve all Been Waiting For!

Hey girls!

So I’ve got some exciting news, I’ve came up with a cool new idea to boost your workout progress to achieve the ultimate results! The focus of this idea is a cool, new, and fun app I’ve began to create called “Fitness on the Go.” This cute little app is designed to optimize your fitness results by doing all sorts of things from having an exact meal schedule of your day to tips and tricks on how to stay in shape and look your best for the upcoming bikini season. This app could really be an all in one fitness guru that can solve all your fitness needs and/or problems in a click of a button.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.32.55 AM

Opening View of “Fitness on the Go”

In the picture above, the front view and opening page of the app is displayed. This app will be a unique way to explore new fitness ideas and help you along your journey. Unlike other apps, that only focus on one aspect of your fitness journey – meal prepping, recording heart rate, recording calories burned while jogging, or even just a calorie counter for meals – this app is designed to be an all in one. It will be your number one fitness destination for all things needed to whip your butt into shape before the summer months sneak up on all of us, because let’s be honest, are we ever really prepared to bare that much skin at the beach?

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.38.42 AM

Meal Prepping/Schedule page of “Fitness on the Go”

Shown above is one of the apps helpful pages that displays a personalized schedule built especially for the individual. This app will solve everyday problems, like knowing exactly what to eat and when to eat it when meal prepping, counting the amount of calories you burn throughout the day no matter if your working out or just walking around during your normal schedule and give awesome videos and images over new exercises or instructions on how to do exercises . I truly believe this “Fitness On the Go” app can improve your overall quality of your fitness lifestyle and I encourage everyone to use it once it is fully developed. Whether your the everyday girl just trying to shed a few pounds, the girl who really just wants to feel healthy, or even the girl that wants to have the ultimate rock hard body, I promise this app is for you! Until the “Fitness on the Go” app actually makes it appearance, go ahead and check out My Fitness Pal, which is also an awesome and cool fitness app to download and have on your phone!

Stay fit, my friends!

~The Fit Busy Bee


4 Reasons Your Not Seeing Results from Your Workouts

Hey ladies, Welcome Back!

Today I’m going to be addressing the question that I’m sure a lot of girls are always wondering. Why am I not seeing results when I am eating right or working out? Well I’ve got a few answers to this question that could really help you out in the long run. You may not realize it, but sometimes there could be tiny things holding you back from shredding those few pounds you’ve wanted to for so long. You’ve been in the gym or prepping your meals but it seems like you’ve kind of hit a plateau right? Well listen up, because I may be able to help you break out of that plateau with these four little reasons for why you may not be seeing results.


Photo Courtesy of Gumbo Fitness

Reason number one for why you’re not seeing results: You’re doing too much of the same thing. It’s great when you find your fitness passion, whether it be zumba, hiking, biking, indoor cycling, or running. However, if that’s all you do, you will become very good at it, your body will get used to it and will stop changing eventually and drop off. So make sure to change up your workout routines!

Reason number two for why you’re not seeing results: You’re not challenging yourself enough. Studies show that the intensity of your workout always matters more than the duration. So don’t be afraid to go hard or go home ladies!

Reason number three for why you’re not seeing results: You’re overeating for your calorie burn. It’s very common that women tend to eat back the calories or even over eat what they have already burned in the gym. So just remember to watch those calories, because you may be working out for nothing!

Reason number four for why you’re not seeing results: You’re overtired or overstressed. If you are not sleeping well, or are really stressed out about work, your body isn’t going to adapt as well to the influence of exercise or your meal plan. So remember always get a good nights rest and remain calm.

Refer back to these little reasons when you feel that your in a rut with your fitness progress or journey. It could be something as simple as these things that’s making it harder to see the results your looking for! For more information on how to break a fitness plateau check out Nerd Fitness.

Stay calm, cool, and collected.

– The Fit Busy Bee